Proven ways for distributing flyers to reach hail damage homes in a cost-effective manner. Don’t overlook the success you will have by distributing flyers to obtain hail damage leads. This tool is cost effective while delivering on a large scale. Check out these five effective ways to help you distribute your flyers.
  • 1. Door-To-Door This is a great way to personalize your delivery! Don’t have a door-to-door team? There are professional distribution companies, or consider recruiting a neighborhood high school sports team, organization or college students. They can canvass the immediate neighborhood around an current job site. With a code at the bottom of the flyer that's linked to each rep, you can motivate the team by offering a certain cash incentive for each new roofing job they get. This is a great way for a high school organization to raise money and an efficient way to distribute your flyers.
  • 2. Hand Distribution Set up with a tent, banners and blade flags at a public...
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