Marketing Roofing with a Door-to-Door Campaign is direct, affordable and effective.
Don’t let door-to-door marketing intimidate you. This is a direct approach to delivering your roofing marketing that is affordable. Here are some simple strategies to make your campaign more effective:
    1) Door-To-Door Team
  • Use your own sales team or consider hiring outside of your services. The latter is most successful when you are looking for door-to-door distribution of Door Hangers or Post-It® Notes as opposed to door-to-door sales.
  • Hire college or high school students. Look for sports teams, clubs or organizations searching for fundraising opportunities.
  • Motivate students by offering a cash incentive for each activation they get. A code at the bottom of the flyer can be linked to each sales representative to keep track of commissions.
    2) Timing
  • Come up with the best time of day to get started and what hours to put your team into action. Deliver during work hours if you are you trying to door hang the neighborhood or adjust this...
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