Creative uses for your personalized Post-it® Notes. Need some fresh ideas? We are here to help with these innovative ideas on where to post your adhesive notes!
    • “Cloverleaf The Neighborhood” around new job sites! • These notes stick great to glass, making them more effective than windshield leaflets. Stick your message on the driver side window for greater visibility! • Work with your local pizza vendor to place your adhesive notes on every pizza delivery box! • Team up with hardware or supply stores to place your sticky notes on packaging and supply bags! • Using adhesive notes door-to-door is a great way to mix it up. This allows you to place your message right at eye level. From the door to their fridge, the message will stick! • Handouts and goodie bags • Public bulletin boards • Other promotional literature • Newspaper delivery boxes • Vending machines at shopping malls and entrance doors • Your best friends back!
The possibilities are endless! Find high traffic areas and be creative! Adhesive notes aren’t just for reminders on the fridge, they are the...
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