Spring is here and storm season is upon us. Utilize these personalized Adhesive Notes to get your message to storm struck neighborhoods.
Post-it® notes are full color and are offered in sizes 4˝x6˝ or 6˝x8˝. High end graphics, price points and call to action help this flexible tool grab attention wherever you place them! Need fresh ideas? We are here to help with these innovative ideas on where to post your Adhesive Notes!
  • “Cloverleaf The Neighborhood” around new installations!
  • These notes stick great to glass, making them more effective than windshield leaflets. Stick your message on the driver side window for greater visibility!
  • Work with your local pizza vendor to place your adhesive notes on every pizza delivery box!
  • Team up with local hardware stores to place your sticky notes on packaging and supply bags!
  • Using adhesive notes to replace door hangers is a great way to mix it up.
  • Place it right at eye level for greater impact. From the door to their fridge, the message...
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