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Intelligent information is a unique synthesis of human intelligence, marketing industry expertise and innovative technology that provides contractors with fast and nimble marketing programs, enabling them to reach customers faster.

We are a marketing and fulfillment firm that integrates sophisticated digital strategies with traditional communications tactics to advance our clients’ advertising agendas. Our successful mix of offline and online tactics helps clients communicate effectively in today’s constantly evolving media environment.

We believe that a fully realized ad campaign is the sum whole of many parts. From initial consultation to final reporting – success is measured in the details.

The component processes that we utilize will actually save you money and shift the responsibility of marketing your service from your shoulders to ours. You will appreciate the advantages of working with a full service marketing resource company with experience and vision.

Our mission


Our mission is to provide a quality outcome that meets or exceeds our customers’ needs and expectations!

We aim to achieve this mission by providing efficient and courteous service, quality products, timely delivery, and the best value for our customers.
As such, we have committed ourselves to the following:
1. Providing strategies and tactics that address the marketing issues affecting our customers.
2. Understanding, responding to, and fulfilling our customers’ requests.
3. Constantly improving our processes to help facilitate high quality productivity.
4. Developing a highly trained and motivated workforce with full accountability and responsibility.
5. Establishing quality long-term relationships with vendors and suppliers.
6. Continuously upgrading our services by embracing cutting-edge technology.

How We Help You

Powerful marketing relies on proven systematic operations that ensure cost-effective, precisely targeted messaging. These are some of the tools we offer to help leverage your advertising sales:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Online AdBuilder
  • Creative Development and Design
  • Media Strategy and Planning
  • Targeted Mapping
  • Demographic Modeling
  • Integrated Production and Dissemination
  • Local Deployment Strategies
  • Online Content Development
  • Analytics and Reporting

Contact us today. We are confident that you will find our marketing department and turnkey fulfillment center will provide you with the staff and resources to give you high quality advertising programs and help you gain a competitive edge over your competition.

Our skills


RoofingContractorAds.com provides a powerful, proven marketing infrastructure.

We support a system of turnkey products and services that bring highly focused data gathering tools and marketing tactics to broadband providers.

We help transform your marketing strategy

Our highly trained workforce brings you a full-cycle network of services with innovative tools to help you manage all facets of your marketing campaigns.

Span media types and client verticals

We offer many different multi-channel marketing packages that can be custom tailored to meet your needs. Our creative department is skilled at determining the best collaborative approach for a particular demographic or region.

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