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Every Door Direct Mail® Is Perfect For Roofing Contractors

Find out how Every Door Direct Mail® works, and why it is perfect for many small organizations that need to get their marketing message out to a local audience.
What is Every Door Direct Mail®? Every Door Direct Mail® is a USPS Program that is perfect for many small organizations that need to get their marketing message out to a local audience. While it is not right for everyone, it is right for some. EDDM In A Box™ from Lorex, offers three options for using this low cost program: DIY™ (Do It Yourself), U-Deliver™ and Full Service™. Continue reading to determine if EDDM is right for you, then compare the three options based on your needs and give us a call. It's that easy! Is EDDM In A Box™ Right For You? EDDM is right for some but not for everyone. How do you know? If you can answer yes to all of the statements below, then EDDM is possibly right for you: • You...
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5 Reasons Social Media And Direct Mail Work As Multichannel Marketing

Learn how you can combine Social Media and Direct Mail for more effective roofing marketing.
Social Media and Direct Mail marketing work together. Integrating these will drive traffic to your website and grow a stronger relationship with prospects and customers. Ultimately this will create more exposure, hail leads and storm damage leads for your business. Learn 5 moves you can make to integrate Social Media and Direct Mail to make each more effective for your roofing marketing:
1) Use Social Links With Direct Mail
  • Use more customer contact options to promote more roofing leads. Incorporate icons, links, and hashtags on your Direct Mail to drive prospects to your Social Media pages. Customers today expect to see “Join us on Facebook” and “Follow us on Twitter.”
  • Add a QR code to make your Direct Mail interactive. This allows the viewer to immediately go to your landing page, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media.
  • Your staff should be aware of the Social Media sites you are on...
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Drive Traffic To Your Roofing Contractor Business With Yard Signs

Yard signs are great lead generators. The key is to get a lot of them in the right places. Effectively marketing with yard signs requires consistent variety. This means spread out your yard signs in more than just one or two places, being careful not to scatter them so much that they don’t register with your viewers. Check out these primary locations for your Yard Signs:
  • 1. In The Front Yard Of A Current Job Site. It's a no-brainer, but a lot of contractors forget to do this.
  • 2. Around The Corner: Make sure customers know you're in the area by placing your signs nearby.
  • 3. Near The Target Market: Determine your target market and canvass these areas.
  • 4. Near Competitors: Be bold and let their customers know what you’ve got to offer. Don’t be surprised if your competition does the same.
  • 5. Large Events: Expose your business to a wide audience at large town events, fairs, concerts, sporting events, etc. Make sure you have a great...
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