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Maximize Customer Referrals

Tips and strategies that will maximize your no or low cost referrals! Just providing a professional and reliable service is not always going to lead to word-of-mouth sales. Current customers have to be happy with you and your service—and they have to remember you in order for them to refer you to friends and family. Do not rely on chance. Lead them to you with some of these effective roofing marketing strategies for referrals:
  • Unhappy Customers Complain—Happy Ones Refer: Make sure your team is always prepared with a Customer Satisfaction Survey—and make sure that they use it. This checklist should include questions about customer satisfaction with your roofing team, customer service, the roofing job and follow up. This will help you identify where your company needs work in order to make customer happy—and therefore, be more likely to refer others to you. If they are happy with your service, the survey reminds them of that—and leads into your next strategy.
  • Refer-A-Friend: Make it...
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Roofing Marketing With Door Hangers: Frequently Asked Questions

Q and A regarding marketing roofing with door hangers. If you have never tried this tactic or if you would like to learn more, we cover the popular questions you may have about door-to-door marketing with door hangers: Q: How do I distribute my door hangers? A: 1. Utilize company staff. “Door hang” the neighborhood during a job. 2. Make a donation to a neighborhood organization for distribution of your door hangers. 3. Hire a high school sports team or club. Keep track of the number of leads with a code at the bottom of the door hangers. Motivate the team by offering an incentive for each roofing lead. Q: How do I decide where to deliver? A: Targeting the right household is critical. The DemoMap™ Program is a necessary tool for gaining a better understanding of your current customers so you can accurately target new customers. This tool provides the high level demographics you need along with a PDF map that will help your door-to-door team...
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Direct Mail – How To Plan A Successful Neighborhood Marketing Campaign

Direct Mail remains one of the most cost-effective marketing methods. Here's why:
  • First: It’s Tangible Touch is a powerful tool. Direct Mail provides an experience that digital media can not replace. Something about tactile mail cuts through the digital chaos. It is a physical item to place in hand, rather than something seen on a computer screen and clicking a delete button. Think about this: 98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it is delivered, and 77% sort through it immediately. Today, majority of people will choose to ignore the overload of email solicitations, but will still open and read direct mail.
  • Second: Direct Mail Unifies Research shows that interacting over multiple channels results in more loyal customers, more purchases and more profitability than interacting over a single channel. People are less receptive to email because they are constantly overloaded with spam. Email is not looked upon as having value because it is free to send and so easily disposed. However, pairing...
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