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When A Storm Hits, Quick Response Is Job One!

Lorex gets your marketing in to the right homes, FAST! We work with any of the popular industry hail tracking programs that generate hail maps in the standard electronic file formats. Our online mapping tool will import the hail map and overlay key demographic layers to help focus only on the right households for you service. We then help plot a marketing campaign that gets your message in, and only in, the region most affected by the storm. We do not mail to zip codes or carrier routes. Our proprietary mapping programs only give us addresses that were in the storms path....
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Yard signs are great lead generators, but the key is to get a lot of them in the right places. Effectively marketing with yard signs requires consistent variety. This means spread out your yard signs in more than just one or two places, but be careful not to scatter them so much that they don’t register with your viewers. Check out these primary locations for your Yard Signs:
  • 1. On your current worksites: Make sure that they are highly visible from the road.
  • 2. Around The Corner: Make sure customers know you're in the area by placing your signs nearby.
  • 3. Near The Target Market: Determine your target market and canvass these areas.
  • 4. Near Competitors: Be bold and let their customers know what you have to offer. Don’t be surprised if your competition does the same.
  • 5. Large Events: Expose your business to a wide audience at large town events, fairs, concerts, sporting events, etc.
Make sure you have a great follow up system to really...
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Need Location Ideas For Promotional Events? We’ve got 22!

Event marketing works for getting roofing leads because you talk directly to the consumer. Summer is the perfect time to start planning and attending lots of events to market your roofing service. We have a whole list of quick tips and ideas on where to host your next big event!
You are missing out if you are not taking advantage of the many events where you can target roofing leads from large crowds. Start preparing early and map out what prospective events are in your local community, as well as finding large scale events to promote. We can help you get started with the list of event ideas below! Wherever you attend an event, make sure you stand out as a professional and be prepared with all the necessary event materials to draw in the crowd.
    Events and ideas:
  • 1. Business Events – Attend chamber of commerce events, business expos, and networking events. Set up your 17' tall blade flags to make sure...
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