5 Reasons Social Media And Direct Mail Work As Multichannel Marketing

Learn how you can combine Social Media and Direct Mail for more effective roofing marketing.

Social Media and Direct Mail marketing work together. Integrating these will drive traffic to your website and grow a stronger relationship with prospects and customers. Ultimately this will create more exposure, hail leads and storm damage leads for your business. Learn 5 moves you can make to integrate Social Media and Direct Mail to make each more effective for your roofing marketing:

1) Use Social Links With Direct Mail

  • Use more customer contact options to promote more roofing leads. Incorporate icons, links, and hashtags on your Direct Mail to drive prospects to your Social Media pages. Customers today expect to see “Join us on Facebook” and “Follow us on Twitter.”
  • Add a QR code to make your Direct Mail interactive. This allows the viewer to immediately go to your landing page, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media.
  • Your staff should be aware of the Social Media sites you are on and they should be directing your prospects there. Build it and they will come does not work. You need to draw followers to your site.

2) Reach All Audiences

  • Direct Mail will reach a targeted audience while Social Media helps you build a relationship with the target audience.
  • Once someone clicks “like” or “follow” on your Social Media, they are giving you permission to market to them.
  • Tweet and Post updates that lead your Social Media audience to sign up for your mailing list.
  • Make sure to include posts stating the benefits your prospects get through receiving your updates.
  • Remember: Direct Mail starts the process. A search online won’t always lead them to your service. Get your message to the target audience before they are ready to buy.

3) Be Cohesive

  • Prospects will look at your competitors online. Make sure they easily connect your Social Media site to your Direct Mail.
  • Offers and an engaging Direct Mail piece will give your Social Media audience a reason to “like” you or “tweet” about you—as long as it is relevant.

4) Measure

  • Set goals such as how much to grow your Facebook likes based off of a Direct Mail campaign.
  • By measuring response rates on your Social Media pages, you can determine what Direct Mail campaign may be more effective.
  • Be sure that you thread the entire campaign together. Being “liked” is nice. Getting roofing bids is the goal and sales is a necessity of every business. Does your Social Media lead them down the path to a sale?

5) Gather Customer Data

  • Use beneficial customer data from Social Media to better understand your target audience.
  • Anytime you ask a prospect for their mailing address, ask for their Twitter handle/Facebook URL.
  • Use Social Media to generate lists of qualified roofing leads to send your Direct Mail with special offers and refer a friend discounts.
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