Direct Mail – How To Plan A Successful Neighborhood Marketing Campaign

Direct Mail remains one of the most cost-effective marketing methods. Here’s why:

  • First: It’s Tangible
    Touch is a powerful tool. Direct Mail provides an experience that digital media can not replace. Something about tactile mail cuts through the digital chaos. It is a physical item to place in hand, rather than something seen on a computer screen and clicking a delete button. Think about this: 98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it is delivered, and 77% sort through it immediately. Today, majority of people will choose to ignore the overload of email solicitations, but will still open and read direct mail.
  • Second: Direct Mail Unifies
    Research shows that interacting over multiple channels results in more loyal customers, more purchases and more profitability than interacting over a single channel. People are less receptive to email because they are constantly overloaded with spam. Email is not looked upon as having value because it is free to send and so easily disposed. However, pairing email with Direct Mail adds value to both. Direct Mail has become more sophisticated, now including powerful elements such as QR Codes and SnapTags. According to the Direct Marketing Association, 33% of consumers go online to respond to direct mail. If personal URLs and landing pages are used, this response rate can increase 20-30%. Multichannel integration is the way to influence your consumers in many different ways, and Direct Mail is a large part of that influence.
  • Third: Technology Impact
    There is less competition in Direct Mail because email has become the new mailbox that is filled with bills, junk mail, letters from friends, family and work. Overall mail volume has dropped by almost 20% since 2006. These changes correspond to the drastic increase in the daily volume of our email in-boxes. The amount of mail you receive in paper form is less, so people are more inclined to look at mail received from the postal service. To get immediate attention, direct mail is the solution.
  • Lastly: Direct Mail Delivers Results
    Mail continues to be one of the most cost effective methods for targeting that any marketer can deploy. It is a far more efficient way to localize lead generation than other marketing channels. Direct mail databases remain a powerful prospecting tool that allow you to target prospects you otherwise can’t reach because of opt-in rules and do not call lists.

Tips To Plan A Successful Direct Mail Campaign!

    • Send targeted messages – with access to the most recent targeting and response rate data, there is no guesswork involved. You’ll get more activations from your direct mail if you have access to 1) Demographic targeting based on income, home ownership, age of home and other key indicators, and 2) Demographic mapping to identify target areas based on competitive service areas.
    • Use direct mail strategically – Don’t bombard your customers. Fewer, better quality mailings will earn you more bang for your buck.
    • Consider sending “leave behinds” with your mailers. Combining your mailer with branded, low-cost giveaway such as post-it notes, pens, and fridge magnets is a great way to invite curiosity and keep building brand awareness.
    • Content is Key – Use compelling content that matters or appeals to you customers emotions. This will inform and promote action.
    • Integrate your direct mail with other marketing – Plan an approach that includes direct mail, follow-up emails, social media activity, and promotions. Perhaps an event, or a series of blogs.

Focus On Your Best Prospects With Targeted Direct Mail!
Why deliver to everyone? You can use Targeted Direct Mail to zero in on the right demographic. If you properly target the right audience your Direct Mail is going to be less expensive and have more impact. You’ll have access to all of the most effective targeting and response rate data. There is no guess work involved. Facebooktwitter

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