Learn The Top 5 Flyer Distribution Techniques for your Roofing Marketing

Proven ways for distributing flyers to reach hail damage homes in a cost-effective manner.
Don’t overlook the success you will have by distributing flyers to obtain hail damage leads. This tool is cost effective while delivering on a large scale. Check out these five effective ways to help you distribute your flyers.

  • 1. Door-To-Door
    This is a great way to personalize your delivery! Don’t have a door-to-door team? There are professional distribution companies, or consider recruiting a neighborhood high school sports team, organization or college students. They can canvass the immediate neighborhood around an current job site. With a code at the bottom of the flyer that’s linked to each rep, you can motivate the team by offering a certain cash incentive for each new roofing job they get. This is a great way for a high school organization to raise money and an efficient way to distribute your flyers.
  • 2. Hand Distribution
    Set up with a tent, banners and blade flags at a public event. The flyer is an important point of sale piece.
  • 3. Newspapers and Publications
    Advertising in a trusted source for information will help you establish credibility. Contact the local newspaper to include a flyer within each paper when they are delivered. They will charge for this service, but this will be a low cost investment to get your message out.
  • 4. Through Current Customers
    Be proactive at every job site. Leave flyers at the surrounding homes and politely ask your current customers to pass along flyers to family and friends.
  • 5. Display in Local and Public Places
    A strong local presence is really going to help you bring your service to every household in the neighborhood.

Check out these local places to display your flyers:

    Car Windows
    Pizza Boxes
    Shopping And Handout Bags
    Public Bulletin Boards (Colleges, Activity Centers, Fitness Centers, Grocery Outlets)
    High School Events
    Bus Depots
    Gas Stations
    Festivals, Fairs And Crowded Events

Tip: Be sure to know local laws before starting your flyer campaign.

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