Maximize Customer Referrals

Tips and strategies that will maximize your no or low cost referrals!
Just providing a professional and reliable service is not always going to lead to word-of-mouth sales. Current customers have to be happy with you and your service—and they have to remember you in order for them to refer you to friends and family. Do not rely on chance. Lead them to you with some of these effective roofing marketing strategies for referrals:

  • Unhappy Customers Complain—Happy Ones Refer: Make sure your team is always prepared with a Customer Satisfaction Survey—and make sure that they use it. This checklist should include questions about customer satisfaction with your roofing team, customer service, the roofing job and follow up. This will help you identify where your company needs work in order to make customer happy—and therefore, be more likely to refer others to you. If they are happy with your service, the survey reminds them of that—and leads into your next strategy.
  • Refer-A-Friend: Make it easy with a Refer-A-Friend Program. Often times passing along your business name and number does not lead to a call. Provide your new customers with an incentive or reward for referring a friend that hires your roofing service. Business card ads with a customer code and an outline of the program and offer make it easy for your new customer to hand them out to prospects. Give both the referring customer and the referred prospect an incentive and this strategy will pay dividends every month.
  • Let the Neighbors Know: Putting up a Yard Sign at each new job site will let them know that their neighbor just used your roofing service. Go a step further and pro actively tell the neighbors about the new customer in the neighborhood. Use door hangers or Post-it® Notes to announce this or try doing it with radius mail. This opportunity to spread the good news about the popularity of your business will lead to more referrals.
  • Gorilla Marketing 101: Get roofing leads by building a gorilla marketing relationship with neighboring businesses that compliment your service or have contact with your target audience. Create incentives for each of you to help drive the others’ sales: sales behavior without incentive does not happen. Build a plan that pays them and enables you to insert your flyers in their customer bills or statements, place table toppers in bars or restaurants, put Post-it® Notes with your offer on boxes at the pizza delivery service or local hardware supply stores. The options are endless.

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