Roofing Marketing With Door Hangers: Frequently Asked Questions

Q and A regarding marketing roofing with door hangers.

If you have never tried this tactic or if you would like to learn more, we cover the popular questions you may have about door-to-door marketing with door hangers:

Q: How do I distribute my door hangers?

A: 1. Utilize company staff. “Door hang” the neighborhood during a job.
2. Make a donation to a neighborhood organization for distribution of your door hangers.
3. Hire a high school sports team or club. Keep track of the number of leads with a code at the bottom of the door hangers. Motivate the team by offering an incentive for each roofing lead.

Q: How do I decide where to deliver?
A: Targeting the right household is critical. The DemoMap™ Program is a necessary tool for gaining a better understanding of your current customers so you can accurately target new customers. This tool provides the high level demographics you need along with a PDF map that will help your door-to-door team target the right neighborhoods.

Q: How do I get a map?
A: Go to and click on the login for the Marketing Portal. Once you login to the portal, click on the Marketing Tools selection to launch the map utility. From there you will be able to customize and order your map.

Q: How long does it typically take to distribute a door-to-door campaign?
A: Depending on housing density, you should average about 1,000 homes/day per person.

Q: When is the best time to distribute door hangers?
A: Create a better impression with multi-channel marketing. Time your door-to-door campaign around the same time as when you send out direct mail postcards. There are a variety of times to distribute:
• Announcing a new business
• Introduce your business to potential customers that are new to the area
• Promote a sale or new offer
• Promote an event
• Introduce a new product or service
• Brand recognition
• Announce a current job in the area
• The list goes on……

Q: What is the investment?
A: This is an extremely affordable tactic to use. Door hangers can be as low as $0.14 each!

Q: Do you have a minimum quantity to order?
A: Yes. The minimum quantity for door hangers is 250 pieces.

Q: Can the door hangers be personalized?
A: Absolutely! All door hangers can be customized with your business name and phone number.

Q: What is the turnaround time?
A: Completed orders ship within 2-3 days.

Q: How will door hangers motivate response rates?
A: There are a number of reasons this marketing tactic is eye catching and encourages response:
• Providing a compelling offer to capture attention
• Creating a Call-To-Action: “Offer Ends Soon!”
• These come double-sided to provide more information about your company
• Appealing, clutter free design
• Clear message
• High quality and full color graphics
• Bold imagery

Q: How do I track response rates?
A: The best way to measure the effectiveness of a campaign is to put a promo code or a call tracking number on your door hanger to track response rates. You can also easily include a unique URL or other codes for tracking purposes.

Q: How does tracking the response rates benefit my business?
A: By measuring your response rate, you can adjust your strategy based on the results. We have the tracking tools in place to accurately measure response—and help you maximize the return on your marketing investment.

If we did not answer all of your questions, contact Lorex (800-792-8812) or visit to learn more about all of our marketing tactics.

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