Yard Signs Work For Marketing Roofing—When Done Right!

Do you want a lot of exposure without spending a lot of money? Your business will thrive with yard signs! Here are some quick ideas on how to effectively use yard signs to generate roofing leads:

Approval. Sticking your sign right by another place of business without permission will quickly get your sign pulled. Such a waste! Get permission or find some kind of agreement with the establishment. Make sure to know laws can vary about yard signs by city, town or state. Keep off private property the best you can while targeting high traffic areas.

Need for Speed? It is more effective to find a slower traffic zone to give drivers more opportunity to read your sign. An ideal location is where traffic will be slowing down or stopping.

The Closer The Better? Not true. City and townships ordinances vary on the distance your yard sign can be from the road. Some specify your signs sit 10 feet from the road or more. Placing your sign between the sidewalk and the road is not a good location. It is more likely for your sign to be abused by passing traffic/pedestrians.

Keep Your Signs Low. Mounting your sign high up to a telephone pole or other high objects is usually illegal, and also harder for drivers to see. It is more difficult to look up while trying to drive past. Signs targeted for traffic are more effective at ground level.

No 45 Degree Angle.
Don’t try to angle your signs at a 45° angle thinking it will be easier to read. This is less effective for moving traffic. If your sign is 90° from the road and pointing straight at traffic, prospects will be able to start reading from further away.

Wind Break. You don’t want anything obstructing the view of your sign from the road, but your sign will last longer if you can find a building or some kind of structure to place it by. This will support the sign in the wind and bad weather, and make it easier to mow around so mowers don’t remove your sign.

Clean up. What irritates people is when signs get blown over or ragged and become litter. Create a positive image of your business by doing your best to keep the area clean if your sign falls over.

Yard Signs are printed double sided in full color on rigid corrugated plastic and are available in sizes 18″ x 24″, 24″ x 36″ and 36″ x 48″. Remember to contact Lorex at (800) 792-8812—or visit RoofingContractorAds.com.

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