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We work with any of the popular industry hail tracking programs that generate hail maps in the standard electronic file formats. Our online mapping tool will import the hail map and overlay key demographic layers (Note: Some industry experts believe that map accuracy between providers can vary. Be sure to do your homework when selecting your vendor).

mapping Your return on your marketing investment is often a reflection of how well your selection of marketing programs fit the demographics of your surrounding market. Use our DemoMap™ Tool to plot key demographics as well as other statistics in your service market. Overlay your current customers and you have a strategic tool to help you determine the best marketing programs to reach new prospects-and how to target the right individuals with those tactics. Does your product or service fit into a highly...
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Do you know your best customers? Knowing your current customer profile is critical if you want to efficiently find prospects just like them. DataSnap™ creates a customer profile and compares it to all individuals in your market area. Understand how your customers compare demographically (income, home value, age, presence of children, credit card user, direct mail responder and more) and in lifestyle behaviors to others in your market area. DataSnap™ can also profile your best business customers by matching against our comprehensive database of U.S. businesses to create a customized market penetration analysis. How your customers compare to the general population with-in your market area can reflect your product or services appeal helping marketers target like segments of the general populations with marketing programs that have successfully delivered new customers. Want to know more? Click on the Contact Us link on this page for options to speak with a representative or receive more information online....
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Do you know your market potential? Our Mapping and Modeling Tools will help you determine who to prospect to—and where to look. Once you know that, our Targeting Tools will give you access to all of the residential and business prospects that you should ever need. Sources for: Consumer Demographic And Lifestyle Data Business Data US Postal Data New Movers Managed Specialty Lists Data can be segmented to match the profile of your best customers—or we can help structure tests to find the best prospects. We are a preferred vendor utilizing all major data providers including: Equifax Experian Acxiom InfoUSA D & B Epsilon KBM HomeData Want to know more? Click on the Contact Us link on this page for options to speak with a...
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