Marketing Tactics

Integrating Programs and Fulfillment

As your virtual marketing department and turnkey fulfillment center, we have the agency tools you need to not only compete – but to clearly position you ahead of your competition. Strategic tactics, rapid pinpoint deployment, complete follow up and reporting. We send your message to the right prospects, evaluate the campaign data and report back with the results. We provide strong ad content in a wide range of marketing resources – both online and off, as well as rigorous programs to successfully model, map, deploy and track them.

    • Solo Direct Mail
    • Door-To-Door
    • Shared Mail
    • Online Integrated Marketing
    • Events And Specialties
    • Text and Voice Messaging

You can’t just “send out an ad” and expect it to be effective on its own. You and your customers will end up spending way too much time and money and end up with a lot of wasted effort with little to show for it. We have spent years developing and testing various methods of mapping, modeling, deploying, and tracking advertising campaigns. Our efforts have resulted in brilliantly integrated marketing programs that seamlessly deliver your clients message in a manner that is both cost-effective and expedient. We support a system of turnkey products and proprietary services that bring highly focused data gathering tools and marketing tactics to agencies and individual sales reps. We offer many different multi-channel marketing packages that can be custom tailored to meet your client’s needs.

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